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Cabinet Refinishing Tips in Winter by WoodWorks Refinishing Blog Feature

Refinishing Cabinets During Winter? Keep These Tips In Mind   Contrary to popular perception, winter is actually an excellent season for Utah cabinet refinishing!    Sure, these months can definitely get cold. And in Utah, a lot of snow typically accompanies it. But before you question cabinet refinishing in Salt Lake City, consider these unique […]

Why Not To Replace Your Outdated Kitchen Cabinets

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If your cabinets have seen better days, you may be exploring options to upgrade them. But it’s important to consider that before tearing out the cabinets you already have, Utah cabinet refinishing can be an effective—and much more affordable—option.    Cabinet refinishing in Farmington meets both the wants and needs of many homeowners and designers. […]

Cabinet Material Options And How To Choose The Best One For Your Space

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What your cabinets are made of has an impact not only on the style of your kitchen or other space, but also how they’ll fair when it comes to daily wear and use. Style matters and so does having cabinets that are structurally sound. The good news is, you can have both!    Utah cabinet […]

Cabinet Refinishing For Back-To-School

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Back-to-school season is upon us! We love this time of year and the excitement it brings. Whether you’re a student or teacher yourself or helping your kids kick off a new school year, there’s much to be anticipated about this season.    As the leader for Utah cabinet refinishing, we love helping individuals, businesses, and […]

The Difference Changing Cabinet Colors Can Make

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Utah cabinet refinishing is one of the most budget-friendly ways to transform your kitchen space.    At WoodWorks Refurbishing, this is our specialty—reworking existing cabinets for a fresh, top of the line look that can meet every need and fit within various budgets.    If you’re looking to make a drastic difference in your kitchen […]

6 Tips For Deep Cleaning Your Cabinets

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There are some deep cleaning projects that can be done annually, and others more often. But no matter the task, it doesn’t have to be too stressful or time-consuming with the right methods!    As the leader when it comes to cabinet refinishers in Logan, Utah, our team knows just how to care for, preserve, […]

5 Custom Features To Elevate Your Kitchen Cabinets

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As a top choice among Utah cabinet refinishers, our team at WoodWorks Refurbishing aims to deliver beautiful, modern kitchens within a more reasonable price point.    One of the most significant and simple ways to do this is by reworking rather than replacing existing cabinets. Our service for cabinet refinishing in Salt Lake City is […]

10 Spring Home Improvement Projects To Try

Spring is the perfect time to finally tackle that nagging home improvement project you’ve been putting off for months—and WoodWorks Refurbishing can help as your Utah cabinet refinishers!     We specialize in helping people enjoy a more beautiful and more functional home for a price that’s manageable and reasonable.    So now is the perfect […]

Pro Tips For Protecting Your Cabinets

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Your trusted team of Utah cabinet refinishers cares about your home and keeping your cabinets in their best shape.    With cabinet staining in Provo, Utah, we’re able to reverse years of wear and damage to help cabinets look brand new again. When your cabinets inevitably face damage, dings, and dents, we’ve got you covered.  […]

Cabinet Refinishing And The Benefits It Offers For Your Remodel

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When it comes to a kitchen remodel, there are many contractors out there vying for your business—and each uses a slightly different method. So what makes WoodWorks Refurbishing cabinet refinishing in Logan, Utah stand out? And how can professional Utah cabinet refinishers bring value to your project?    WoodWorks Refurbishing specializes in delivering top-quality results, […]