WoodWorks Refurbishing Cabinet Refinishing Reviews

Our experience with WoodWorks Refurbishing was fantastic! They always showed up on time and were extremely detail oriented! I felt comfortable not only with their crew but with the quality of people doing the work. They were very well versed in different stains and finishes and had great recommendations. We used several of the their referrals for other services and they also were great. The quality of work is beyond our expectations and we truly enjoyed working with them. Thank you for your beautiful job on our cabinets!

Sarah L.

My maple kitchen cabinets were really beat after nearly 20 years. There were water streaks everywhere. Derrick did a fantastic job sanding and refinishing them. He even did a great job on a veneered cabinet end which is tricky due to the thin material. It all looks great! I am very pleased.

Marc R.

Derrick is extremely talented. Unbelievable service and quality work. Derrick was prompt, thorough, and did an excellent job! I highly recommend his company.

Karen M.

Supremely pleased with the finish and color on all the wood in our home! Everything was sampled and the process and our experience with WoodWorks couldn’t have been better.

Amber S.

We’re very happy with our cabinets and Derrick’s work. He came prepared with ideas when we asked for a bid, quickly fit us into his schedule, and was in and out within two days. He was on time, worked hard, and was easy to have in our home. The cabinets were the first step on a big renovation project and set the tone for the other projects. It’s fun to see the finished result. We highly recommend Derrick for your cabinet resurfacing needs.

Scott C.

Transformed my dated kitchen and bathroom cupboards to looking brand spanking new… but a much lower cost. EXCELLENT and friendly service. I would recommend them to anyone.

Missy B.

Derrick did an amazing job! He is so easy to work with and takes pride in his work. He has come back two different times to do touch-up work over the space of 3 years with no charge. Would recommend him over anyone else. My friends have tried other companies or tried to do it on their own with much hassle and overall end product is not the same quality.

Amber H.

If you are looking for a review and want to know what kind of work your going to be getting from them look no further than the pictures. This company does a fantastic taking a good looking kitchen and making it look like something you would see on TV or in a magazine. There are others out there that will take your money and give you what ever they like, not Derrick. He will go through all the details so there are no unwelcome surprises. Give him a call and a chance. The proof of your satisfaction will be on your face.

Randy S.

I highly recommend WoodWorks. They do awesome work and do a great job of helping you understand what your options are without trying to sell you on anything you don’t need. High quality, great pricing, no complaints!

Garrett K.

We are very happy and pleased with the outcome Derrick did with our cabinets. The finish and texture matched our expectations perfectly. Very happy with the finished product. We highly recommend his services to anyone looking for an economical solution vs. brand new cabinets.

Mike S.

Derrick did a great jobs on all the cabinets in my house from my kitchen to all my bathrooms to my utility room to my staircase. He came back and did touch-ups without any problem whatsoever. He was willing to do whatever he had to to make sure I was absolutely pleased with the results. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and to anyone else!!

Debbie A.

I LOVE MY KITCHEN AND BATHROOMS AGAIN! WoodWorks came and refurbished my 20 yr old cabinets and they look amazing! It was done in 2 days and he was able to match the cabinets to my furniture. Thanks Derrick for sharing such a great talent. I will be recommending your services to everyone!

Cindi S.

Derrick, of WoodWorks Refurbishing, did an excellent job on our kitchen, laundry room and bathroom cabinets. He also did the fireplace mantle, banister, and hand rail. At no extra charge, nor did I ask, he did the kitchen light fixture and the 2 wood framed bathroom medicine cabinets. He was prompt and very personable. At times he was alone in the house and I left him having complete confidence that I could trust him. His actions were those of someone with integrity. The work that he did transformed our rooms and they now look more elegant. We’re thrilled. I will definitely recommend him to my friends who also need a transformation.

Vickie V.

When we bought our home the kitchen cabinets were in such terrible condition. We called WoodWorks and were able to get an estimate pretty quickly. Derrick came and transformed our kitchen so the cabinets look like new! No more scratches, marks and scraped finish. We were very impressed by his integrity, work ethic and pleasant manner. If your cabinets need an update, look no further than WoodWorks Refurbishing.

Davina P.

The cabinets are beautiful. The finish is excellent to keep clean. Work was efficient and careful of my home. The price was reasonable and Derrick was a delight to work with for both my husband Tim and I.

Nikki G.

Beautiful job. Thanks again. Super fast and great work.

Holly E.

On time, thorough, offered selection examples, and follow up was very good.

Maureen H.

When they came to bid out our kitchen I was impressed with his knowledge of products and professionalism. He came highly recommended and although we did not use refinishing services (decided to replace) he referred us to a company that treated us with the same level of professionalism. I have since referred Woodworks to several friends and have heard very good things.

Steve A.

WoodWorks did an excellent job on our refinish project! They were timely and prompt. My husband is very particular and they did a great job answering our questions and performing the work as specified.

Cindy F.

I received a flyer in the mail from Woodworks. I was looking to brighten up my kitchen without paying a fortune. The man that came was polite and honest, not to mention he did a fantastic job. He was in and out in a day and left our kitchen looking new, bright and even darkened it to our liking. I would recommend it to anyone!

Ruth H.

I didn’t know there was a company that did such work. It was to my surprise when I received their flyer on my door. I was skeptical at first but after doing the free estimate with a color test on one of my bathroom doors I decided to go for it. It started with my kitchen but the more work I saw the more I liked it and I had my kitchen, five bathrooms, two banisters and an entertainment center refurbished. I was pleased with the work done as well as the price. I would recommend Woodworks to anyone looking for a new appearance in their home without paying a fortune.

James S.

Unbelievable quality of work. I knew it would be good, but I had no idea the attention to detail that Derrick gives every aspect of every panel on my kitchen cabinets. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer anyone to him. The best part was that the total transformation only took him a few days. I expected the process to take at least a week. Money well spent if you ask me.

Jeff P.

The results are fabulous! Our cabinets went from looking old to looking new in just a couple of days. He was professional, clean and courteous. The work was done as promised on time and on schedule. Would refer Derek and Woodworks to anyone of my friends and family.

Chris S.

Derrick gave the best price and he was very nice and quick to get the job done. The cabinets and fireplace look great!

Ken K.

If I can say one thing that impressed me the most about Derrick, it is customer service! Derrick was very responsive to our needs and made sure we were happy with the final product. Derrick showed up to his appointments when scheduled and competed the job on time which is refreshing. Most contractors don’t know what a schedule is. Our old oak cabinets look new again! The kitchen looks like a whole new space, and we didn’t even have to add “Shiplap”. Great work, I would use WoodWorks Refurbishing again.

Gregory G.

My wife wished we would have had this done years ago. Easy to work with and very good product.

Mason M.

We started with the kitchen cabinets and were so impressed that we asked Derrick to also refurbish our fireplace mantle, bathroom cabinets and laundry room cabinets…okay —so we asked him to do all of our cabinets in our home! Thanks Derrick for being highly professional, quick, thorough, and ensured everything was cleaned up daily.

Aldan B.

Thirty two year old kitchen cabinets look like new. Great and fast process. Professional and clean. On time arrival. Highly recommend.

Barry A.

So happy I hired this company! I had my kitchen cabinets redone in December ’16 of all times and Derrick was in and out in a couple days. I couldn’t believe how professional, on time, and efficient he was. Couldn’t be happier with the service and job!

Patricia C.

Very good and explained things well, always returned calls, work is well done and completed within budget and on time. Had several references for other services we needed and they also were excellent to work with.

Mark A.

I had a table professionally refinished that took over a month. The final cost was about 800 dollars and I didn’t get it back for 3 weeks. Woodworks came in and did my kitchen in just under a day and it cost almost half as much as the table. It still looks great! Not only will I recommend them to my neighbors but I will use them myself.

Amberlee L.

My job requires fast flips on homes without expensive costs. Being a real estate agent and home buyer I am always on the lookout for a great contractor that offers honest and reliable work. I met with Woodworks for an estimate on one of my houses, by the time I was done they had refurbished twelve of my houses and they look fantastic. I was happy with their work and I will use them again.

Steve O.

We had WoodWorks Refurbishing bring our 20 year old natural cherry cabinets back to life! Our cabinets were beat and now they look brand new. Derrick came quickly to explain the process, came back with a sample and then redid our cabinets. He was fast, followed up when I had a question and returned to make sure the cabinets were sone to perfection. 5 stars!!!

Joan M.

We had our cabinets refinished and we are VERY pleased. Thank you for all your work and service along the way! We couldn’t be any more happy.

Cynthia S.

Our cabinet finish is super smooth and durable. The service was excellent. We had a lot of questions due to the variety of methods that different refinishing companies use. After seeing samples, talking to past clients and meeting with the owner several time we are so glad we used them. The result far exceeded our wildest expectations and they will get our highest recommendations to anyone in need of a cabinet refinishing.

Mark B.

Do yourself a favor! Hire Derrick immediately! My cabinets are 40 years old and they looked it. Now they look brand new thanks to Derrick and his hard work! HE IS THE BEST!

Ann H.

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