Wood Refinishing with WoodWorks Refurbishing

Give us a call today if any of these apply to you:

  • Your existing wood is in good shape, but it has started to fade and may need a color change and/or new finish.
  • The wood is in overall good shape, but you want an update or a new color.
  • Your cabinets or other interior wood surfaces could use some serious rejuvenation, degreasing, or water damage treatment.
  • You’re interested in our product color testing and want a free estimate!


Learn more about our specific interior wood refinishing services below:

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Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is one of the most focal points in your home. They are used for cooking, dining, entertaining and anything and everything else we all know we accomplish in our kitchens. It is often one of the rooms in our homes where the most time is spent. With fads constantly changing, and natural wear and tear, a lot of people admit they aren’t in love with the style or quality of their cabinets or wood surfaces anymore. Our cabinet and wood refinishing services can dramatically change the entire feel of a room. Click here to learn more about the WoodWorks Cabinet Refinishing service.

Banisters, Railings, and Spindles

Wood banisters, railings, and spindles are beautiful accent pieces. However, especially with railings, they are easily chipped and become worn over time. That’s where WoodWorks Refurbishing comes in! Wood refinishing done correctly protects, rejuvenates, and allows your wood to endure years and years of use. Good protective finishes are vital to lasting protection and we have mastered the process. Give us a call today to learn more!