Inspiration To Decorate Your Kitchen For Summer

Making your kitchen feel modern and fresh for summer can be simple with affordable, subtle changes that go a long way. 


For years, we’ve led the industry in cabinet refinishing in Bluffdale. During that time, we’ve gathered inspiration, tips, and tricks for pulling off stunning kitchen designs—including with seasonal decor. 


Here are a few ideas to update your kitchen this summer season within virtually any budget. 


#1 – Use Fresh Flowers In Your Decor


Grab a bouquet from your local supermarket, or prune a few blooms from your garden. Place them in your favorite vase then display them on your kitchen table or countertop. This is a simple, beautiful way to add color and a fresh feeling for summer. 


#2 – Display Bright, Colorful Dish Towels


Buy one or two dish towels in a summer color or print, then display them in your kitchen. Our favorite spots are folded over the edge of the sink or hanging on a hook or oven handle. 


#3 – Write A Summer Phrase On A Message Board


Hang a message board to display it on an easel or shelf. At least each season, switch up the message to show your personality. 


#4 – Fill Your Kitchen With Summer Scents 


Make your kitchen feel like summer by filling it with your favorite summer scented cleaners, candles, soaps, and diffusers. 


#5 – Plant A Small Herb Garden


Choose a few of your favorite herbs and plant them in small pots. Display the herbs in an area with plenty of sunlight, like a windowsill or countertop. 


Cabinet Refinishing In Bluffdale 


WoodWorks Refurbishing specializes in transforming kitchens with smart solutions like cabinet refinishing in Bluffdale. By utilizing this service and other budget-friendly kitchen transformation tips, your kitchen can look modern and fresh without breaking the bank. 


Contact WoodWorks Refurbishing to get started on your cabinet refinishing project in Bluffdale.

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