Everything You Need To Know About The Two-Tone Cabinet Trend

If you’re drawn to two-tone cabinet colors for your cabinet refinishing project, you’re not alone, Many throughout Salt Lake City, UT are gravitating toward this trend and for good reason! 


When deciding on a color for your Utah cabinet refinishing project, falling in love with the two-toned look is easy. Designers and homeowners alike are always exploring new ways to make kitchens stunning and unique and WoodWorks Refurbishing delivers this look you long for. 


Here’s why two-tone cabinets are a fan favorite for cabinet refinishing in Salt Lake City and how to get the most out of this style in your own home. 


Begin With A Strong Focal Point


The key to achieving a beautiful two-tone kitchen is selecting a specific set of cabinets to be the focal point. Choose a spot to attract the eye with a unique pop of color. Common picks are a kitchen island, coffee bar, breakfast nook, or built-in desk area. 


Next, choose a color that stands out. Don’t be afraid to go bold with a jewel tone or rich wood stain. 


Think Beyond Paint 


Break outside the box of bold paint colors for your two-tone cabinets. You can also achieve this look by combining refinished cabinets with solid paint colors or varying the materials you use in your cabinet design. For example, try wood cabinets on top with glass, laminate, or aluminum material on the bottom. 


Anchor Bottom Cabinets With A Darker Color 


A good rule of thumb is to use a darker shade for lower cabinets and a lighter color on top. This grounds your space and also makes it look larger because the lighter cabinets draw the eye upward. You can also keep the two shades you choose in the same color family, like white or cream upper cabinets with light grey lowers. This subtle difference in color can make a significant impact without being too bold. 


Pick Coordinating Elements


Since your cabinets will be two different colors, it’s important to tie them together with a coordinating element. For example, you may have two different shades but the coordinating element is that they come from the same color palette. Using the same hardware on all of your cabinets also adds cohesiveness to the design. 


Utah Cabinet Refinishing


It’s exciting to consider where kitchen cabinet trends are heading, and WoodWorks Refurbishing is with you every step of the way. Two-tone cabinets are just one of many design trends we can bring to life for less with cabinet refinishing in Salt Lake City, Utah. We look forward to providing you with completely customized cabinets that you’ll love for years to come!


Contact WoodWorks Refurbishing today to get started in your Salt Lake City home!

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