How To Avoid These 5 Kitchen Cabinet Staining Mistakes

The kitchen is the heart of any home—a place where we spend a lot of our time.

You probably have a clear idea of what your dream kitchen would look like. When making that dream a reality, be sure to avoid these common mistakes people often make when choosing their cabinet color and staining their cabinets.


Mistake #1 – Not Choosing The Right Color

Choosing a trendy color is the most common mistake people make. A neutral color or a natural wood stain not only increases your resale value but also helps ensure you won’t get sick of your cabinet color and want to change it again in a few short years.

It’s a wiser choice to choose a versatile cabinet color then add fun pops of color through non-permanent accents, like towels, rugs, or curtains.


Mistake #2 – Not Considering Square Footage

It’s essential to consider the size of your space when selecting a cabinet color. Dark colors will make a space look smaller, while lighter color cabinets can make even a tiny space feel larger.


Mistake #3 – Unrealistic Expectations

When taking on a cabinet refurbishing project yourself, know that it could take at least a week of your time and that your schedule will be interrupted significantly. If this is a no-go for you and you want to make sure the job is done right, you should consider having a professional refurbish your cabinets for you.


Mistake #4 – Not Cleaning Wood Properly First

Adequate prep greatly impacts the outcome of your cabinet refurbishing project. Grease, oil, and dirt left behind on your cabinets can affect how effectively paint and finishes stick to the wood.

Professional cabinet refinishers have the right products and will take the time to clean your cabinets correctly prior to applying a stain or finish.


Mistake #5 – Not Doing Your Research

Remodeling your kitchen will be a big project. Doing adequate research could save you a lot of money and time.

Choose a company like WoodWorks Refurbishing that uses the best products and will get the job done right.


Wood Refurbishing In Northern Utah

It can be a lot to take on a cabinet refurbishing project yourself. Rather than interrupting your precious time, let WoodWorks Refurbishing take care of you.

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