Pro Tips To Child Proof And Protect Your Cabinets

Kids bring life, happiness, and fun to the home. They can also cause an increase in spills, stains, and accidents, and need protection from hazards, too. 


So how can you best childproof your home while still allowing room for kids to be kids, and for you to enjoy your daily routine? 


As Utah cabinet refinishers, WoodWorks Refurbishing specializes in caring for cabinets—one of the biggest hits to a home with young children. Here are some of our recommendations for keeping your cabinets in tip-top shape and protecting your children from some of the dangers in the kitchen along the way. 


How To Protect Both Your Cabinets And Your Kids


  • Install child-proof locks on the inside of your cabinets. There are many options on the market, like some that can easily be opened using a magnet. This helps avoid the scratches and dings that commonly occur as a result of child-proof devices on the cabinet’s exterior. These can also damage hardware when yanked on, so an option that can be installed inside the cabinet is best.


  • Make a habit of removing shoes at the door. Scuffs and kicks from shoes are one of the most common damages to cabinets. 


  • When stains inevitably happen, wipe them up and dry your cabinets fast. This helps prevent warping, stains, and permanent damage. 


  • Place soft protective pads on any furniture that may come in contact with your cabinets—like on a bar top or kitchen island. 


  • Wipe down cabinets often to remove dust, particles, and splatters that can scratch cabinets or wear down their finish. 


Cabinet Refinishing In Salt Lake City 


Maintaining the finish on your cabinets and repairing damage is critical for making sure your cabinets last for years to come—especially if there are children or pets in the home. 


WoodWorks Refurbishing is here to help with industry-leading cabinet refinishing in Salt Lake City. We look forward to serving you! 


Contact us today to get started with your project for cabinet refinishing in Salt Lake City.

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