The Right Way To Clean Your Wood Cabinets

Cabinets do a great job at hiding stains and smudges, so don’t be too hard on yourself if yours haven’t had a deep cleaning in a while! 


The truth is, you might be surprised to see the amount of dirt, grime, and germs that accumulate quickly on cabinet surfaces. But don’t stress—we’re your leader for Utah cabinet refinishing and pro tips for cleaning and maintaining them.


Taking care of your cabinets from top to bottom and from the inside out can help make sure they last for years to come. Keeping grease, dust, spills, and stains off of your cabinets is essential for preserving this investment in your home.


We’re here to tell you, you don’t have to be bogged down at the idea of deep cleaning your cabinets.


The process doesn’t have to take long—especially when you keep up with the following on a regular basis: 


  • If you go with a store bought cleaner, choose eco-friendly options that prove to work well. Murphy’s Oil Soap is one of our favorites. 


  • Try a DIY cleaning solution using natural ingredients like vinegar, warm water, and a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle. 


  • Use a soft, non-abrasive brush to wipe down your cabinets. 


  • Gently rub the cleaning solution on with the towel. Don’t scrub too hard as this can damage wood cabinet surfaces. 


  • Dampen the cloth with cleaning solution, but don’t over saturate it. Too much moisture can damage your cabinet finishes. 


  • Wipe down and polish cabinet hardware. 


  • Use a toothbrush dipped in cleaning solution or a paste made of vinegar and dissolved salt to gently remove caked on stains. 


  • Be sure to wipe down the inside of your cabinets and the cabinet boxes as well. 


  • After cleaning, remove any soapy residue using a clean cloth that’s damp with warm water. 


  • Dry your cabinets from top to bottom using a dry, soft towel. Microfiber towels are our go-to. 


  • Give you cabinets a final buff using a light layer of vegetable oil and vinegar solution. Rub a small amount using a soft cloth until your cabinets shine.


Cabinet Refinishing Near Me 


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