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Tips To Cool Down Warm Tones In Cabinets


Warm cabinets in red or orange shades used to top design charts. But today, softer, neutral colors are in. Toning down the warmth in cabinets is a timeless design choice that pairs well with other features. 


But not to worry—if your cabinet stain is warm, you don’t have to replace them in order to get the look you want, and you also don’t have to take on the renovation project yourself. WoodWorks Refurbishing can transform your existing cabinets with cabinet refinishing in Herriman.


Our specialty is to work with existing cabinets to achieve a completely new look, for less. 


The first important step in knowing how to neutralize warm tones in cabinets is a review of the color wheel. So to put it simply, in order to cancel out a shade, you need to apply its complementary color. 


For example, the opposite of orange is blue and the opposite of red is green. Raw umber and sienna can also help cancel out red tones. 


So to neutralize these warm shades on your cabinets, apply a stain with undertones in its complementary shade. 


Again, this is something the pro’s at WoodWorks Refurbishing can handle for you with cabinet refinishing in Herriman.


How To Neutralize Warm Cabinet Stain Colors


  • Like we discussed above, the most effective approach is to apply a stain or wash in the complementary color of the tones you want to neutralize. 


  • It can also be helpful to first sand down the wood, then use the clean canvas to apply a stain in the cool stain you want. You can also apply a white wash and top coat instead of a stain.


  • For a rustic design, apply a thin layer of white paint with a dry brush followed by a layer of chalk paint. Finish it off with a soft wax, and you’ll be left with a weathered cabinet finish that still shows the natural wood beneath. 


  • Another method is to bleach the wood. Using a sponge or a brush, apply a mixture of one part bleach and ten parts water. Let the mixture sit for an hour or so, then rinse and dry the wood completely before applying a finish coat to seal it.


  • Apply a peroxide solution made of one cup hydrogen peroxide and one gallon of water  to the wood using a spray bottle. 


Cabinet Refinishing In Herriman


When dealing with a project as intensive and important as renovating kitchen cabinets, it can be a wise choice to utilize the help of a professional. 


WoodWorks Refurbishing has the experience and expertise to work with your specific cabinet type and color in order to get the shade you want—all while protecting the integrity of your existing cabinets. 


Our goal is to help ensure you love your cabinets for many years to come, and to help save you the cost of replacing them.


Contact WoodWorks Refurbishing for cabinet refinishing in Herriman. We look forward to serving you!

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