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Kitchen cabinet storage organizer with utensils inside.

Boost Your Kitchen Cabinet Storage With These Custom Features


Cabinet refinishing in Layton is an excellent way to transform your kitchen on a budget. But in addition to making your cabinets look brand new, we can also help make them more functional for your daily needs. 


We proudly offer cabinet organization solutions that can be installed as part of your service for cabinet refinishing in Layton. Transform cluttered drawers and cabinets into smart systems with help from our team! 


It’s our goal to help you maximize every square inch of your cabinets on the inside while also loving how your cabinets look on the outside. Here are some ideas of ways we can help your kitchen cabinets reach their full potential with increased storage. 


Custom Cabinet Storage Options


  • Base utility pull-outs can hold utensils and knives to help eliminate clutter on countertops.


  • Conceal trash cans and recycling bins with pull-out drawers. This helps keep trash cans separated, organized, easily accessible, and out of sight.


  • Pull-out drawers can also be utilized to organize a variety of other items you use every day. 


  • Conveniently organize and separate bakeware, cutting boards, and more with pull-out tray dividers or pegs. 


  • Place mats on the base of under-sink cabinets to protect the boxes from leaks or spills. Also, use extendable heavy gauge wire baskets to hold cleaning products and tools. 


  • Drawer organizers can be custom trimmed to the size of your drawers to hold various items with a perfect fit. 


  • Tired of a messy spice cupboard? Try a spice drawer with trim-to-fit inserts that allow you to see everything at a glance.


  • Create a functioning beverage station with coffee/tea pod inserts trimmed to fit your drawer and layered sliding components for other accessories. 


Cabinet Refinishing In Layton


WoodWorks Refurbishing is here to help transform your cabinets inside and out with cabinet refinishing in Layton.


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