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A small kitchen doesn’t mean you have to settle for less than you want or need. In fact, in some cases, less is more! And when you know how to maximize your space, a small kitchen can be an opportunity for organization rather than a challenge. 


At WoodWorks Refurbishing, kitchens are our specialty. And with cabinet refinishing in Farmington, your existing cabinets can get an upgrade you’re sure to love. 


In addition, let’s take a look at how your kitchen can be transformed with a few simple small kitchen storage ideas. 


Storage Tips For Small Kitchens 


Limited space means you’ll need to make every square inch count. It’s all about making your kitchen more efficient and usable. 


  • First, remember that clutter will only make your kitchen feel smaller. Go through all of your items and get rid of what you don’t actually need or use on a regular basis. Nail it down to a collection of items you love. 


  • Install open shelving for storage. Floating shelves look beautiful as a design piece, open up the space, and also make items easy to reach. 


  • Try a wall-mounted magnetic knife block to clear up storage in your drawers and eliminate a knife block taking up space on your countertop.


  • Install more pull-out storage and dividers inside your cabinets, allowing you to stack and layer items and use your cabinets in their entirety. All of these can be customized and trimmed to fit your doors and drawers.


  • On a section of your wall, utilize a pegboard or metal bars to hang pots, pans, and other items. 


  • Use a small kitchen island. It’s actually not too tough to design your own, or to find a small island on rollers at a local store. A workable island provides more storage and prep space that’s essential in a small kitchen. 


  • Choose small kitchen appliances like microwaves, ovens, and refrigerators. Also look for appliances with more than one function, like an oven microwave combo. 


  • Try placing bulky appliances like blenders and air fryers inside countertops. It can make a difference to have outlets installed inside the cabinets so you don’t have to take the appliances in and out and use your counter space. 


Cabinet Refinishing In Farmington


Whether your kitchen is large or small, WoodWorks Refurbishing has you covered with industry-leading cabinet refinishing in Farmington


Take a step to get the most out of your kitchen and contact us today!


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