Pro Tips For Protecting Your Cabinets

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Your trusted team of Utah cabinet refinishers cares about your home and keeping your cabinets in their best shape. 


With cabinet staining in Provo, Utah, we’re able to reverse years of wear and damage to help cabinets look brand new again. When your cabinets inevitably face damage, dings, and dents, we’ve got you covered. 


We also have a few simple but effective tips to protect and preserve your cabinets and help keep them in tip-top shape. Let’s take a look!  


Protecting Cabinets Through Every Season Of Life 


There are specific times of year when your cabinets may face more heavy use than others—like cooler months when more time is spent indoors, when kids are out of school, or during holidays and special gatherings.


A good rule of thumb, first and foremost, is to wipe down cabinets often. Spills and splatters happen, but leaving them on cabinet surfaces can make them more difficult to remove. On top of that, it can sometimes even damage your cabinets. Wipe down your cabinets on a weekly basis or more as needed. Also, be sure to dry them completely afterward to prevent damage or warping from moisture left behind.


If you have step stools, chairs, or other furniture near your cabinets, place protective pads on these items to prevent them from scratching or scuffing your cabinets. We also recommend taking off your shoes before walking through your kitchen. Kicks and scuff marks from shoes are actually a common culprit of lower cabinet damage. 


And as always, keep up with routine maintenance. Fortunately, you can do this on your own with routine deep cleans and polishes. And if your cabinets do become excessively damaged, worn, or faded over time, WoodWorks Refurbishing can help with cabinet staining in Provo, Utah


Utah Cabinet Refinishers


Your cabinets are in the best hands with the Utah cabinet refinishers at WoodWorks Refurbishing! 


You have our word to always give your cabinets the treatment they deserve, and refresh and rejuvenate them for a more affordable price. 


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