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Cabinet Refinishing Tips in Winter by WoodWorks Refinishing Blog Feature

Refinishing Cabinets During Winter? Keep These Tips In Mind


Contrary to popular perception, winter is actually an excellent season for Utah cabinet refinishing


Sure, these months can definitely get cold. And in Utah, a lot of snow typically accompanies it. But before you question cabinet refinishing in Salt Lake City, consider these unique benefits and considerations! 


In fact, keeping the following in mind is a sure way to help ensure your project is completed to perfection. 


Cold Weather Cabinet Refinishing Considerations 


It’s definitely true that cold temperatures and humidity can affect cabinet staining. But the good news is, you can adjust your thermostat to keep your home within an optimal range. 


When it’s cold, it can slow down how your cabinet stain cures. On the flip side, extreme heat can speed the process up too quickly. Too hot or too cold can impact the way the stain adheres to cabinet surfaces and can also cause the stain to go on unevenly.


Keep in mind that the ideal temperature range for Utah cabinet refinishing is between 50-90 degrees fahrenheit. A solid spot to aim for is in the mid 70’s. 


When cabinet stains cure, they evaporate in the process. Cold weather can cause this process to take much longer and can even lead to cloudiness, dimples, or spots in the finish. Refinish cabinets in a warmer room, but avoid extreme heat too. This can prevent the stain from penetrating the wood before it evaporates and can cause blotches or uneven patches. 


Think about humidity as well—between 50-70 percent. This helps ensure the wood doesn’t cure too quickly and dry out or take too long and compromise the finish. Humidifiers or dehumidifiers can help with this. 


Cabinet Refinishing In Salt Lake City, Utah


It doesn’t have to be difficult to create the ideal climate for Utah cabinet refinishing—even in winter! 


And remember, WoodWorks Refurbishing can help with our professional expertise and methods. 


Contact our team today to get started with your project for cabinet refinishing in Salt Lake City!

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