Why Not To Replace Your Outdated Kitchen Cabinets

farmington utah cabinet refinishing

If your cabinets have seen better days, you may be exploring options to upgrade them. But it’s important to consider that before tearing out the cabinets you already have, Utah cabinet refinishing can be an effective—and much more affordable—option. 


Cabinet refinishing in Farmington meets both the wants and needs of many homeowners and designers. It’s also much less costly on average compared to other cabinet upgrade options. Let’s take a deeper look at why. 


Consider This Before Getting Rid Of Your Cabinets 


Tearing out and replacing your kitchen cabinets from top to bottom is a large-scale renovation project. It can also get pricey fast. 


With this option, your cabinets will be removed and replaced in their entirety—that includes cabinet boxes, shelves, and structural elements. 


However, if those are in good shape but your cabinet fronts alone are outdated or worn, why throw that money away? A hit like that to your budget may actually not be necessary. 


Of course, kitchen upgrades include many different elements, but the cabinets are one of the most expensive. They’re also central to the design, and what most people put their main focus on in a remodel. New custom cabinets can cost tens of thousands of dollars. And while beautiful, they may not always be worth the price.


A full cabinet replacement can also take a significant amount of time—from designing and ordering custom cabinets to delivery and installation. 


A much more effective, efficient, and affordable option is cabinet refinishing in Farmington. Simply updating your cabinet color and renewing its finish can make even the most worn, outdated cabinets look new again. 


Utah Cabinet Refinishing 


WoodWorks Refurbishing specializes in stunning kitchen transformations that deliver the results customers need and deserve but in a more budget-friendly way. 


Our specialty is the art of revealing the hidden potential in existing cabinets for a more affordable, sustainable approach to a kitchen renewal. 


You don’t have to settle for drab cabinets or pay too much for cabinet services. Let’s work together to make your dream kitchen a reality! 


Contact our team for all of your Utah cabinet refinishing needs.

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