Tips For Cabinet Staining During Cold Months

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The winters in Northern Utah are known for more than just the beautiful, snowy landscapes and access to the ski slopes. This time of year is often frigid and bitter cold and it makes some homeowners wonder if it’s really the right time for cabinet refinishing in Logan, Utah


While there are factors to keep in mind when taking on your cabinet staining project this time of year, WoodWorks Refurbishing can help with these pro tips. 


How Temperature and Humidity Affect Cabinet Staining


Even when outdoor temperatures drop dramatically, luckily, your thermostat helps keep your home in the safe range for cabinet refinishing


Extreme cold, heat, and humidity can all impact the way your cabinet staining project turns out. Cold can slow down the process, while excess heat speeds it up—and not necessarily in a good way. Here’s what we mean. 


The ideal temperature range for wood staining is from 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit. If you aim for the mid-70s, you’ll be in the optimal conditions. If the wood you’re staining is too cold or too hot, it can cause the stain to go on unevenly or not adhere properly to your cabinets. We recommend running your thermostat somewhere in the safe range for at least a full day prior to getting started. So remember, don’t stain or paint your cabinets in a garage or outdoors if it’s too cold.


Ideal Cabinet Refinishing Conditions

Several water-based wood stains evaporate in order to cure properly. So when it’s too cold, the process is slowed down drastically. This not only means the refinishing process takes significantly longer, but it can result in the stain being cloudy in color, dimpled, or spotted. 


On the flip side, hot temperatures can cause a stain to cure too quickly. This can lead to blotchiness, uneven patches, and spotting. When a wood stain cures too quickly, it doesn’t have time to penetrate the wood as efficiently. 


Finally, humidity is also important to consider. The ideal range is between 50-70 percent. High humidity slows the wood curing process and low humidity causes the wood to dry out too quickly. 


You can easily avoid this issue by not curing wood outside or in a garage. You can also set up a dehumidifier or a humidifier to help make your home reach the ideal range of humidity before starting. 


Cabinet Refinishing in Logan, Utah


If creating the perfect climate for refinishing or painting your cabinets in Logan, Utah seems like an overwhelming task, don’t stress! WoodWorks Refurbishing knows the best way to treat a variety of different wood types and stains. Additionally, we also how to create the perfect environment to make sure your cabinets turn out great.


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