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Unique Kitchen Finish Ideas


Every modern kitchen design features thoughtful, beautiful, functional finishes. At WoodWorks Refurbishing, this is precisely our specialty with cabinet refinishing in West Jordan


You may be amazed to see how dramatically different your kitchen can look with a new finish on your existing cabinets. Not only can this service exceed the expectations you have for your kitchen design, but save you money in the process, too. 


Of course the other finishes you select matter, and should coordinate well with your cabinets. 


Make Your Kitchen Design Special With These Finish Ideas 


Here are some ideas for unique kitchen finishes that can be applied in various areas and combinations. 

  • Brick. Try a brick accent wall or backsplash. 
  • Copper and bronze. Copper and bronze are stunning for hardware, plumbing and lighting fixtures, range hoods, and more. 
  • Concrete. This organic finish is a sophisticated choice for countertops, floors, bar tops, kitchen islands, and more. 
  • Stainless steel and other metals. Mix metals for hardware, appliances, and even for backsplashes, or kick plates under kitchen islands.
  • Wood. Wood can be utilized for so much more than just cabinets. Try a wood or butcher block countertop for a kitchen island, a wood backsplash for a rustic feel, or a wood accent wall. 
  • Terra cotta. Terra cotta is a stunning choice for kitchen tile floors, backsplash, light fixtures, dishes, and accent decor.
  • Wallpaper. Go for a unique look with a wallpaper accent wall or backsplash. 
  • Chalkboard. Chalkboards can be a fun addition on an accent wall or on the outer panel of cabinets or appliances. They also double as a useful spot to make lists or schedules for your family.

Cabinet Refinishing In West Jordan 


When it comes to kitchen cabinets, WoodWorks Refurbishing has you covered. We’ll refresh your cabinet finish for a clean, modern, polished look that’s sure to elevate your kitchen design and bring it into the year 2024. 


We look forward to serving you and helping your kitchen dreams become a reality with a truly one-of-a-kind design!


Contact WoodWorks Refurbishing to get started on your next cabinet refinishing project in West Jordan.

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