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Spring Kitchen Maintenance Ideas


A clean and organized kitchen is an essential element of a happy home. Making sure your kitchen is in order can have a significant positive impact on you and your loved ones! 


Spring cleaning and maintenance for your kitchen doesn’t have to be overly complicated or time consuming. Here are some straightforward ideas to implement in your routine. And when you need us, WoodWorks Refurbishing is here with cabinet refinishing in Holladay, too. 


Kitchen Spring Cleaning


  • Remove all food from your fridge and freezer. Also take out drawers and shelves, and clean and disinfect them. Toss expired produce, condiments, and other items. 


  • Deep clean the inside and outside of small appliances like microwaves, air fryers, toasters, and coffee makers. 


  • Take everything out of your cabinets and clean and disinfect the inside, including shelves. Inspect cabinets and doors for damage or mold. 


  • Remove all items from your pantry. Clean and sanitize the shelves, dispose of expired items, and check for food safety including packaging and seals. This is also a great opportunity to add new storage and organization solutions and replenish any items that need restocked. 


  • Deep clean countertops and sinks using a disinfectant. Remove everything from your countertop surfaces beforehand. This also gives you an opportunity to declutter your space before putting the items back. 


  • Wash any rugs or runners. Sweep or vacuum floors, mop them, and pull out appliances to reach the flooring behind, too. If you have real wood flooring, wax and polish them as well. 


  • Clean large appliances like ovens and dishwashers. Run them on sanitize or deep clean mode, and also scrub and degrease them by hand afterwards. 


  • Clean and disinfect all high touch areas, including appliance handles, door knobs, light switches, cabinet hardware, and more. 


Cabinet Refinishing In Holladay


This simple checklist can help streamline your spring cleaning each year and ensure your home is in great shape! And when your cabinets need a more extensive treatment, WoodWorks Refurbishing can help with cabinet refinishing in Holladay.


Contact WoodWorks Refurbishing for all of your cabinet refinishing needs in Holladay!


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