Why Replacing Your Kitchen Cabinets Could Be A Remodeling Mistake

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If you’ve been running the numbers for your kitchen remodel, you’ve probably noticed how cabinets can quickly eat up the majority of your renovation budget. You want beautiful cabinets without sacrificing the features you’re looking for, but you also want a kitchen you can afford. So what’s to be done? 


We’re here to let you in on a little secret: you don’t have to replace your outdated cabinets or break the bank to have the kitchen you dream of. Here’s how with help from WoodWorks Refurbishing.


Why You Should Choose Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

A misconception many homeowners have is that in order to have a kitchen that looks brand new, old cabinets must be replaced. But there’s actually a better, more affordable way. 


Kitchen cabinet refinishing is the process of refreshing and restoring old, faded, or damaged cabinets and even updating their color. Refinishing is a cost-effective makeover that actually saves you money in the long run. Cabinet refinishing can instantly boost the value of your home. Plus, it only costs a fraction compared to cabinet replacement.


Cabinet refinishing is also a convenient option that requires less stress and time out of your busy schedule. Forget having to remove your appliances or be out of commission for days on end. The WoodWorks Refurbishing cabinet refinishing process can be completed in just a couple of days without the mess or stress. 



“I can’t speak highly enough of Derrick’s work. When we started thinking of remodeling our kitchen, we thought we would have to replace the cabinets altogether. We decided to look at refinishing them instead. Before we met up with Derrick, we had talked to other individuals about both options. We were impressed with his knowledge and the options he presented to us. We went from reddish cabinets that were stressed, chipped, and looked like they had seen their life expectancy. Derrick refinished them in a custom, rich mahogany that looks brand new. He was always punctual and careful to clean up after himself. We loved the change so much that we had him come back and refinish the rest of our wood in the house to match the kitchen. He also left us with product to do touch-up work over the years if needed.”

—Monica B., Google Review


Cabinet Refinishing In Sandy, Utah 

Don’t let the gap between your remodeling budget and the kitchen you desire get you down. WoodWorks Refurbishing can transform your kitchen cabinets with a process that exceeds your expectations AND a price you can afford. 


Contact WoodWorks Refurbishing today to get started on your cabinet restoration in your Sandy, Utah home!

3 thoughts on “Why Replacing Your Kitchen Cabinets Could Be A Remodeling Mistake

  1. James Borst says:

    I love the grey tile backsplash used in the kitchen. It looks really elegant and pretty. My wife and I have considered updating our home now that we have been living here for over 15 years. We may consider remodeling the kitchen or some other home improvement projects to make our home feel newer.

  2. Charlotte Fleet says:

    I really like the photo with the beautiful white kitchen cabinets and the giant white island with the barstools. My husband and I are hoping to remodel our kitchen once all of the kids are out of the house. I think if we were able to find a professional who has experience in remodeling cabinets, that would be the best way for us to get it done.

  3. Afton Jackson says:

    My brother’s beach house needed some updating before we start settling in for vacation. I found it very helpful when you said that cabinet refinishing is a more stress-free option for updating the kitchen because I spend most of my hobby time in the kitchen and if we can have it look brand new without any trouble that would be the best for us. I’ll be looking for any contractors who can help with refinishing some of the cabinets at the beach house. Thank you for your help!

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