Why You Shouldn’t Stain Cabinets Yourself

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Do-It-Yourself projects are all the craze in today’s world. Don’t get us wrong. We love a good before and after photo and even the occasional Pinterest fail. However, when it comes to certain projects, trying to do it yourself isn’t worth the risk—and that includes cabinet staining


Potential Problems With DIY Cabinet Staining 

So what’s the big deal? It’s easy to look up a YouTube video and learn how to stain your cabinets, right?  While it’s often made to look easy, cabinet staining is a complex process and one wrong or uneducated move could ruin the project. Or at the very least, set you back and cost you more time and money.


First, finding the right cabinet stain is tricky and contrary to popular belief, the right color can’t just be chosen out of a catalog. 


The reason for that is because your specific type of wood, the lighting in the room, and how your cabinets are treated and prepped all greatly impact the color a stain actually appears in your home. Our professional cabinet refinishers in Farmington know which stain will actually result in the color you’re looking for. Additionally, we will help you avoid the disappointment when the stain you chose yields a cabinet color you never wanted. 


The cabinet staining process can sometimes be time-consuming and it’s important to not cut any corners. Professional wood refinishing experts know how to properly clean, treat, and prep your cabinets which ensures the stain goes on clean and smooth. 


Each of our WoodWorks Refurbishing technicians also knows how to deal with any chemicals that could potentially put you at risk if proper precautions aren’t taken. Plus, we know how to cure your cabinets so the new finish lasts. 


Let’s face it—your time is important. So why take on a cabinet staining project that will require days and very possibly not turn out the way you wanted? Instead, trust WoodWorks Refurbishing cabinet refinishers in Farmington to give your cabinets an updated look. 


Cabinet Refinishing in Farmington, Utah 

Wood refinishing and cabinet staining are tasks that are best left to the pros. You’ll be pleased with the results and how seamlessly WoodWorks Refurbishing services can fit into your home improvement budget.


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