Why You Should Stain Instead Of Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets

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If your kitchen cabinets are in need of an update, your first thought might be that they need to be completely replaced. However, there is a much better way.


Here are some key downfalls to replacing your cabinets and why refinishing the wood cabinets in your home is often the best option.  


Why You SHOULDN’T Replace Your Cabinets


Cabinet replacement is a significant renovation that requires a lot of manpower, time, and money. For cabinets that are in otherwise good shape, this can be a waste of remodeling budget dollars.


On average, staining kitchen cabinets cost about one fifth the amount of tearing your cabinets out completely. It is also roughly one third the cost of having your cabinets refaced.


And the good news is, you don’t have to sacrifice quality and style in order to save money. In fact, many homeowners prefer the character of a beautiful, natural grain, refinished cabinet over a solid color, cookie-cutter style.


Staining and refinishing the wood cabinets in your kitchen is a win-win for those pursuing a home renovation. This affordable service can completely transform your space without the hefty price tag.


Wood Cabinet Refinishing Throughout Northern Utah and Salt Lake City


If you feel like you’re taking a shot in the dark by doing a quick Google search for “cabinet refinishing near me,” look no further than WoodWorks Refurbishing. We’re Northern Utah’s premier provider for staining and refinishing cabinets.


Take comfort in a team you can trust, results that will exceed your expectations, and a price you can feel good about.


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