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12 Features That Contribute To An Outdated Kitchen Design


If your kitchen looks drab and outdated, there are a few key areas that could be to blame. Upgrading your space doesn’t have to require a full demolition or an extravagant budget. Chipping away at these features can, in fact, be totally budget-friendly and manageable. 


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Where Retro Is In 


Retro, classic elements and designs are actually popular and can be a timeless approach to kitchen design. Preserving original architecture and features can also add character and value to any space. 


With that said, it’s important to know what belongs in the past and when to make necessary updates that will help preserve the structure and safety of your home. 


If your home has good bones, simple aesthetic updates can go a long way. Here are a few examples of areas that drag down and kitchen design and can be easily updated. 


Say Goodbye To The Past 


  1. Cabinets with an outdated profile, color, or stain 
  2. Upper cabinets that don’t extend to the ceiling or that vary in height
  3. Ceramic or busy granite countertops
  4. Popcorn ceilings
  5. A kitchen with all white finishes
  6. Wallpaper that’s faded, peeling, or stained 
  7. Wood paneling, particularly on walls
  8. Recessed lighting, fluorescent bulbs, and old light fixtures 
  9. Vertical blinds or heavy drapes on windows 
  10. Old appliances, especially with a white finish 
  11. Linoleum flooring
  12. Carpet in the kitchen


Cabinet Refinishing In Taylorsville


Your existing cabinets likely don’t need to be replaced to achieve the design dreams you have for your kitchen. We specialize in breathing new life into existing cabinets for a dramatic transformation at a significantly more reasonable cost.


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