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5 Layout Options For Your Kitchen


At the very core of every kitchen design is the floor plan. The layout must meet your taste in style while also functioning in your favor for your daily needs. 


At WoodWorks Refurbishing, we can enhance your existing cabinets in a kitchen that already has everything you want and need regarding layout. With services like cabinet refinishing in Woods Cross, your kitchen can be transformed while leaving the bones in place—saving you precious dollars in your remodeling budget. 


Choose From These For Your Kitchen Floor Plan 


Consider the square footage and dimensions of your kitchen when choosing from the following popular kitchen layouts: 


  • L-Shape. This is one of the most flexible and popular kitchen layout options that can be utilized in kitchens of various sizes. It allows for an open space in the center of a kitchen that’s perfect for a dining table. In an L-shape floor plan, one wall typically features the range and refrigerator, and the other is where the dishwasher and sink are. 


  • Island. This layout is like an L-shape but with a kitchen island placed in the center of the open area. You can also free up more countertop and storage space by installing the sink or cooktop on the island with seating on the other side and cabinets below. 


  • Galley. This is an excellent floor plan for kitchens with limited square footage. It features cabinets and appliances on either side with a corridor between them. 


  • P-Shape. This floor plan has similarities to L or U-shapes. What makes it different is that one section of the countertops extends further out, creating a peninsula for more seating or prep space. 


  • U-Shape. If you spend a lot of time cooking, this floor plan is for you! It creates plenty of countertop area, plus an open feel as half of the room opens up to another space. 


Cabinet Refinishing In Woods Cross


If you love your kitchen layout but want a change, WoodWorks Refurbishing has exactly what you’re looking for with cabinet refinishing in Woods Cross


Check out our portfolio to see the incredible results we can deliver with cabinet refinishing in Woods Cross. We look forward to serving you!

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