5 Custom Features To Elevate Your Kitchen Cabinets

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As a top choice among Utah cabinet refinishers, our team at WoodWorks Refurbishing aims to deliver beautiful, modern kitchens within a more reasonable price point. 


One of the most significant and simple ways to do this is by reworking rather than replacing existing cabinets. Our service for cabinet refinishing in Salt Lake City is popular for good reason! In fact, your kitchen can be completely transformed simply by working with what’s already there. 


And as an added bonus, we’d like to share a few simple ideas for how to make your kitchen look completely custom and one-of-a-kind. 


Simple Custom Cabinet Features 


  • Instead of traditional upper cabinets, try replacing them with open shelving—either throughout the kitchen or just in a small section. This provides a beautiful way to feature dishes and decor, plus helps cut back on the clutter that too often piles up inside cabinets. 


  • Cut out the center of a few cabinet fronts and add glass as a way to feature dishes and accent lighting. 


  • One of the most inexpensive and effective ways to transform your cabinets is to install new hardware. 


  • Keep in mind what’s on the inside of your cabinets, too. Add organizational features like spice racks, roll out shelves, concealed garbage cans, and more. 


  • One of our favorite up-and-coming trends is a spin-off of the floating shelf look. Remove the cabinet doors on a section of your cabinets, then stain the inside to match the cabinet exterior. This is quick, easy, and can make a big impact on the design aesthetic of your kitchen. 


Utah Cabinet Refinishers 


WoodWorks Refurbishing is here to help make your cabinet dreams a reality with affordable, sustainable options. We look forward to serving you with cabinet refinishing in Salt Lake City


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