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Best Practices For Polishing Wood Cabinets


Wood cabinets are beautiful features in the home. To keep them looking their best, it’s important to clean and polish them often. This keeps common wear, grease, and smudges from becoming extensive or irreversible damage. 


When cleaning and polishing your cabinets, it’s also crucial to follow best practices to ensure you don’t damage the wood or the finish. 


As your trusted professional for cabinet refinishing in Kaysville, we’re sharing some simple tips and tricks for cleaning and polishing your cabinets using natural, safe ingredients.


Natural Solutions For Cleaning And Polishing Cabinets 


  • It’s not necessary to do it every time, but emptying your cabinets periodically to get a total clean can be a big help. It allows you to fully clean your cabinets, and also inspect them for any damage, mold, or warping. 


  • Before wiping down or polishing your cabinets, dust them with a soft cloth. Removing dirt, dust, crumbs, and cobwebs can help make sure the polish goes on smoothly. 


  • For tough, caked-on stains, add a few drops of dish soap to warm water. Scrub the area with a rag or use a toothbrush for tough-to-reach crevices.


  • You can always try a polish designed for use on wood cabinets, like Murphy’s Oil Soap. Or you can create your own solutions. A good go-to is half water half vinegar for cleaning, and half vegetable oil half vinegar for polishing. 


  • When polishing, rub the mixture all over the cabinets from top to bottom. Then get a clean rag to buff the cabinets until they shine. This also helps protect your cabinets against future stains and damage.


Cabinet Refinishing In Kaysville


If a good deep clean and polish don’t quite do the trick at restoring your cabinets, enlist the help of WoodWorks Refurbishing for cabinet refinishing in Kaysville


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