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Exploring Different Wood Grains For Cabinets


When it comes to choosing the type of wood for your kitchen cabinets, many different factors come into play. 


As the leader for cabinet refinishing in Pleasant View, it’s our specialty to know all the cabinet options available and to help you select the perfect fit for your home—plus care for the wood as the years go by.


The natural characteristics of the wood you choose will have a significant influence on your space. The three main factors to consider when selecting your cabinet material are the wood type, color, and grain. 


Wood comes from various types of trees. Hardwood comes from broadleaf trees like oak, maple, birch, hickory, and cherry. Softwood comes from evergreen trees like cedar, spruce, and pine. 


Each has its own unique color and natural variations—from light to dark, warm to cool, and everything in between. 


Generally speaking, wood can be stained to mimic whatever color, shade, or temperature you desire. But one thing that will show through and remain the same is the wood grain. 


Common Wood Grain Types 


When we talk about grain, we’re referring to the alignment, pattern, and texture that’s visible on the wood. Every tree has its own unique features, but in general, grains look like the following: 


  • Straight. Vertical, straight grain lines. 
  • Wavy. Soft wavy patterns. 
  • Fine. Very subtle or invisible grain patterns. 
  • Spiral. Funnel-like patterns. 
  • Curly. Circular grains. 
  • Cross. Grain lines that run parallel to the sides of the wood. 
  • Arch. Patterns that appear like an inverted V or U. 


Let’s take a look at some of the most used cabinet wood types and their characterized grains: 


  • Alder has a fine grain with rustic knots and holes that bring out its natural beauty. 
  • Maple typically has a straight or wavy grain that’s light and smooth. 
  • Oak has a coarse grain with a lot of variation—like straight grain to sweeping arched patterns. 
  • Birch has straight or softly curled grain. 
  • Hickory has random, prominent streaks. 
  • Cherry is considered a luxury wood with a smooth grain that deepens as it ages. 


Cabinet Refinishing In Pleasant View


WoodWorks Refurbishing knows how to work with each wood type and grain to achieve the dream look you have for your kitchen. 


Contact our team today to get started on your next cabinet refinishing project in Pleasant View.


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