The Two Emotions of DIY Projects

Planning any DIY remodeling project comes with two main emotions.


First, there is the excitement. When you look over DIY stories and photos online you see the awesome results people can accomplish. You see the light – the way your home might look after months of work; you can already feel that sense of accomplishment at the end of a project well-done.


The future is bright!


Then, comes the realistic wave of expectation: the dollar bills stacking up, the dust, the noise and the late nights.

What do you call that emotion? Dread?


Whatever it is, it feels like anxiety and it might be the exact opposite of that giddy excitement from earlier. Don’t let it freak you out – these emotions come with the ups and downs of any home renovation, whether you’ve decided to finish the basement or redo the kitchen!


And hey, maybe you’re geared up for a long and expensive renovation – so more power to you! But if you’re not, WoodWorks Refurbishing wants to be there to empower you to accomplish your goals – by saving you money, time, and effort.


You can have all of the excitement of a new kitchen, without the dread

This is why we do what we do.

We save you money, time, and effort and you get the satisfaction of the beautiful kitchen or bathroom that you’ve been dreaming about!


Let’s solve the biggest things that give us anxiety about a remodel…


Money. The amount people can spend on new cabinets and flooring and countertops and this and that can get expensive! When WoodWorks is around, budgets don’t need to be broken and you can make use of very affordable cabinet refinishing options.


Time. First off, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call us. That’s like, what, 10 minutes? We’ll then schedule to your convenience and get the job done so fast that you won’t have time to have a meaningful goodbye with your old, boring kitchen…


Effort. Remaking a home can be hard work. We get it!  So we’ll make a deal with you. We’ll do all the woodwork (cabinets, trim, and bannisters) and you just need to sit there and smile. Sounds pretty close to a vacation if you ask me!


Now get excited! Start planning!


Log back on to Pinterest. Visit our portfolio. Close your eyes and daydream. It’s time to get excited again!

Let your kitchen project be less stressful and much more rewarding: Give us a call.