The Basics of Cabinet Cleaning

cleaning refinished cabinets woodworks

If you have recently upgraded your cabinets, whether through WoodWorks Refurbishing or another company, you should be set with high-quality cabinets for years to come.

Of course, you’ll want to consider how you’re going to keep these cabinets looking clean and fresh. Here are some of our basic cleaning tips for maximizing their lifespan and usefulness. Here are some of our basic cleaning tips.


Weekly Cleanings

Some areas of kitchen cabinets need to be cleaned every week, especially the doors under countertop areas. This goes beyond daily spot cleaning – at least once a week, dust these areas and any others that are regularly exposed to crumbs or other debris.

In addition, remember that you won’t always be able to see every spill or accident fully. A weekly run-down of all the major surfaces helps you avoid sneaky buildups in areas you might not be able to pick up – things like grease or smoke discoloration. This is especially true of any cabinets above or around the stove.


Cleaning Out Food Cabinets

In the cabinets that aren’t holding clean dishes, you’ll probably find canned goods, chips, cereal, spices and many other foods. Some of these items will be used more than others, and over time, this may cause certain items to essentially be forgotten in the back of the cabinet. At least once or twice a year, go through cabinets and remove any expired food or items that are just taking up space.

Also be sure to check occasionally for open bags or hidden food that attracts rodents and insects.


Deep Clean

Once every few months, plan to deep clean your cabinets. Open doors and remove all items inside, whether food, dishes or otherwise. Remove any dust or debris inside, and hit any build-up areas. How often you do this will depend on how clean you are on a daily basis, and on whether you have glass doors – cabinets with glass doors require more regular cleaning.

For more on cleaning your cabinets properly, or to learn about our quality cabinet refinishing, chat with us at WoodWorks Refurbishing.