Show Your Kitchen Cabinets Some Love This Year

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Please raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by just the thought of updating your cabinets.

When you grab that paint bucket in the store, you’re hit with fears of unwanted stains and hours of work, killing any inkling of productivity you may have felt. When updating a kitchen, it’s daunting enough trying to make it all work – never mind doing it on a budget.

Well, there’s good news: Updating your kitchen doesn’t have to be that daunting. With the right tools and experience at your disposal, you can easily bring life to your cabinets — all without breaking the bank.

Turn to WoodWorks Refurbishing’s innovative cabinet refinishing process. We’ll walk you through the difference between us and the other guys right now in this very blog post. When we’re done you’ll know exactly how we breathe life into your old cabinet doors in a way that will make them look like new without spending more than you’re comfortable with. Ready? Let’s dive in.

Show Your Cabinets Some Love with WoodWorks

Before you start your kitchen remodel project, you need to understand one thing: there’s a difference between working harder and working smarter, when it comes to kitchen cabinet renewal. Just like you would research the best foods to buy for your kids before making dinner, you want to establish an understanding of what chemicals should and should not be used on your cabinets before the big project begins. Then, you can have confidence knowing that the end product will look great and last for years!

So, what makes WoodWorks Refurbishing different than the other refinishers, or even DIY solutions?

To start, WoodWorks Refurbishing has served Northern Utah since 2006. We refinish and restore the beautiful and natural look of wood as well as offer glazing, tints and dramatic color changes. We’ve developed and designed our services with you in mind, finished most of our jobs in one or two days. On top of that, we offer completely free estimates and product color testing, ensuring you will never end up with a color you don’t love. We’re owner-operated and dedicated to providing a friendly, professional service.

Watch the following video to see the results for yourself:


Turn to a Cabinet Refinisher you can trust

Not even close. Wood refinishing done correctly can protect, rejuvenate and allow your wood to endure generations of use. Good protective finishes are vital to lasting protection. Understanding wood species, environment conditions, use, wear and stains/finishes are extremely important to providing a product that looks and lasts well. Here’s what a recent customer had to say about our cabinet refinishing service:

“Wow! I have been thoroughly enjoying our cabinets’ new finish. Every time I walk into the house I am thrilled to see the change–there is a whole new look to our kitchen and bathroom! Derrick was professional, efficient, on time, and completed the job as promised. I will definitely recommend him to everyone I know.”

So, this year, make sure you show your cabinets a little love by calling WoodWorks today: (801) 913-3672.g