Tips To Choose The Right Color When Refinishing Bathroom Cabinets

When renovating your home, the smallest spaces can often be the most challenging to design. While bathrooms are small, they also make a significant impact. That means that your color choices matter—and WoodWorks Refurbishing can help. 


Here are a few considerations that can help you enjoy beautiful results when you choose the perfect color for cabinet refinishing in Bluffdale, Utah.


  • Consider the size of your bathroom and how much natural light is available. Remember dark cabinets can make tiny rooms feel smaller while light colors can give the illusion of more space. 


  • Choose a cabinet color that compliments your floor. Consider featuring a contrast between your flooring color and your cabinet color. 


  • Quartz, granite, and concrete are up and coming materials used for bathroom countertops. Take into account all the flecks of color in your countertops when deciding on a cabinet color. 


  • Coordinate your new cabinets with the color of the walls. And remember, repainting your walls to better match your cabinets is a simple fix.


  • If you’re having trouble deciding on a bathroom cabinet color, steer toward a neutral stain that pairs well with various colors, shapes, and decor in a bathroom. 


  • If your home features a more modern design, try a bright, contrasting cabinet color. Loud, bold colors can often be pulled off better in small spaces like bathrooms.


  • When making your selection, keep the future in mind. Choose a cabinet color that will appeal to a variety of potential buyers in the future. 


  • Stay true to your style preferences and the theme throughout the rest of your home when selecting your bathroom cabinet color. Make sure your new cabinets are consistent with your core style. 


Utah Cabinet Refinishing 


While these design suggestions can be helpful, ultimately, choose a bathroom cabinet color your love. WoodWorks Refurbishing can help you get there for an affordable price with cabinet refinishing in Bluffdale, Utah


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