Cabinet Material Options And How To Choose The Best One For Your Space

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What your cabinets are made of has an impact not only on the style of your kitchen or other space, but also how they’ll fair when it comes to daily wear and use. Style matters and so does having cabinets that are structurally sound. The good news is, you can have both! 


Utah cabinet refinishing is an excellent way to achieve both the style you long for and the durability you need. Our team can deliver both with the industry’s best cabinet refinishing in Provo, Utah


Here are some of the most common types of wood cabinets available, and how you can choose the perfect fit in your home. 


Common Cabinet Materials


  • Oak. Red oak is an affordable option that’s strong, durable, and has a beautiful natural grain. White oak is just as durable with a more golden tone and subtle grain. 


  • Maple. This light colored wood has a fine grain and looks beautiful when its kept natural with a clear finish. It’s typically less dense than oak, but may have a higher price point. 


  • Hickory. This is a light, pale yellow wood that’s lighter than oak but still has stunning grain and character. It can be finished naturally as well or looks great stained. 


  • Cherry. These hold up very well against daily scuffs and wear. This is an elegant, formal choice often used in traditional interiors. However, it’s versatile enough to work in more modern designs, too. It’s smooth with a fine grain and reddish brown undertones that can look stylish anywhere. 


  • Birch. This is a good “faux” option for cherry or maple. It’s still highly durable with a fine grain but also a slightly darker color. It’s an inexpensive choice that works well for many budgets. 


  • Ash. The light color and pronounced grain of ash gives it a contemporary look that’s also natural and organic. It’s also highly durable and used often for custom cabinets.


  • Pine. Pine is a softer wood that tends to dent easier compared to other cabinet types. It’s also a pale yellow wood that stains well and is less expensive. 


Cabinet Refinishing In Provo, Utah


When deciding which wood type to choose for your cabinets, considering the grain, color, and durability is important. And when you find the perfect material, our team is here to help make sure your cabinets last for years to come with Utah cabinet refinishing


Contact us today to get started on your project for cabinet refinishing in Provo!

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