How to Maximize Small Cabinet Spaces

Have you seen the tiny house trend? Many people are downsizing and illustrating the importance of maximizing the space they do have. (You can read about the tiny house movement here.)

Of course, you don’t have to live in a tiny bungalow to know that sometimes saving space makes a world of difference. Often, kitchens in older homes were just built in a compact way. Or hey, maybe you just have a lot of food and things you need to organize. We’re here for you!


First you’re going to need to go vertical.

If there is any space above your cabinets, consider adding a shelf to divide the area in half and fit more things up there. (Also – buy a step stool). Generally people choose to place their finest bowls and plates in those areas above cabinets.


Find some open wall space and use it.

If there is enough clearance, add some shelves or even a fold-down table. Or get a magnetic knife strip and organize your kitchen tools (and even pot lids) there.


Utilize the inside of cabinet doors.

This is an often-overlooked spot to store dishrags or pot holders! Get some hooks and use that space!


The classic: Use your oven for storage.

Think about how often you really use the oven. If you don’t use it very much or if you’re really that short on space, store your baking sheets, cooling racks, and even pans there. And then take them all out before pre-heating the oven!


Good luck!