The Top 7 Cabinet Trends For 2020

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The cabinets are the heart of any room—especially the kitchen. In fact, cabinets make more of a visual impact than virtually any other aspect of design. That’s why it’s worth it to put time into the cabinet selections you make for your home. 


The Utah cabinet refinishing pros at WoodWorks Refurbishing are here to help! From stunning natural wood grains to exciting pops of color, here’s what you can expect to see topping the charts in new kitchens and cabinet refinishing projects this year. 


Eco-Friendly Cabinets


Expect to see cabinets made from sustainable materials and recycled wood this year. These cabinets provide a modern look and help preserve our local environment. Many homeowners and designers are also choosing cabinet refinishing methods instead of replacement as a solution to save trees and limit waste. 


Soft, Neutral Colored Cabinets


Neutral colors like grey and white are clearly here to stay. Pairing these cabinets with soft, bright walls and flooring also delivers a clean and sophisticated look. Gentle pastel tones like powder blue or mint green are also considered good neutral cabinet colors. 


Rich, Dark Cabinets


For more of a bold look in kitchens with adequate square footage, many are choosing deep, rich cabinet colors. Black or a combination of black and natural wood or stone is popular in a lot of modern and traditional kitchens. 


Cool, Jewel-Toned Cabinets


While this is more of a trendy choice, you’ll see a variety of bold colors that make a statement for kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Custom jewel tones are especially popular on bottom cabinets and kitchen islands. 


Natural Wood Grain Walnut Cabinets


Warm, rich, natural grain wood cabinets have made a significant comeback. Expect to see these paired with light countertops and backsplashes for a contrasting yet timeless look. 


Two-Tone Colored Cabinets


Want to mix things up? Try one of the endless combinations for the tuxedo cabinet trend. This is when one color is used on upper cabinets and another is used on the lowers and/or on the kitchen island. Stick with the more bold color on the bottom and the brighter, neutral one on top. 


Soft, Warm-Tone Wood Cabinets


The timeless choice of natural grain wood cabinets is proven to carry on into this new decade. This year you’ll likely see many soft, warm stains like ash or oak.  


Cabinet Refinishing In Clearfield, Utah


Bring your cabinets up to date with one of these trends for 2020. WoodWorks Refurbishing can help make your dream kitchen a reality at a price you can afford!


Contact WoodWorks Refurbishing today to get started!

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